5 tips to get the most from your IT contractors

5 tips to get the most from your IT contractors 11th March 2015

IT contractors are specialists, they know exactly how to do the job; they’ve done it before, they know the pitfalls. Often they are more expensive than permanent staff, so how do you ensure you get the most out of freelance contractors?

Here are 5 tips taken from our recent presentation titled ‘10 tips to get the most from your IT contractors‘.

1. Involve them in office life

Don’t leave your contractors in the corner when celebrating staff birthdays, anniversaries or company achievements. By making them feel part of office life they may go the extra mile. Celebrate their birthday if it falls during the contract term.

2. Give them a LinkedIn recommendation

A private thank you is always nice, but public praise can help your contractor get their next job. So consider giving them a LinkedIn recommendation or praising them via Twitter and Google+ for a job well done.

3. Pay an Industry Standard wage

Best practice for hiring in general, but more vital with contractors. They know their day rate and the industry standard. Don’t gamble and pay less… you’ll get sub-standard work and high staff turnover.

4. Recognise they educate your staff

Engaging good contractors can improve the calibre of permanent employees by promoting best practice and the sharing of expertise. So ensure you thank contractors for bringing ideas and enabling your existing staff to reach new heights. Apple for the teacher?

5. Be flexible on time and location

Think about introducing ‘work from home’ days. Do they really need to be in the office to complete the task? And consider staggering start/finish times so they can travel off-peak or manage other commitments.

Getting the most out of IT contractors is similar to the way you get the most out of permanent staff – treat them with integrity, care and respect.

This is the philosophy that Curo Talent has applied to our contractors – the results can be seen in the testimonials they have sent us.

For more tips on IT contractors please contact Stuart Fuller on 0118 914 5658 or email hello@curoservices.com

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