Recognition at Inspire 2018 for UK Microsoft Partners

Recognition at Inspire 2018 for UK Microsoft Partners 23rd July 2018

During the UK General Area Session at Inspire 2018 it became clear that Microsoft is having massive success in the UK, and this is in no small part thanks to the community of Microsoft Partners

In years gone by, the UK subsidiary’s success has been celebrated in this session at Inspire, we hear about some of the impressive deals that were won and solutions that were implemented, with interviews starring key British stakeholders at Microsoft, Partners and customers.

This year however the audience were treated to visits from special guests Judson Althoff (Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft) and Julia White (Corporate Vice President at Microsoft) who took the time to sit down on stage with Cindy Rose (CEO, Microsoft UK) and Clare Barclay (COO, Microsoft UK) to acknowledge the success of the UK operation. They provided insights into what they believe are the largest opportunities for our onshore Partners in the financial year to come.

the data sovereignty that Microsoft can offer with its 54 datacenter regions is unparalleled

Both Judson and Julia talked about the strength of the Azure compete proposition in comparison to the AWS and GCP offerings. For example, the data sovereignty that Microsoft can offer with its 54 datacenter regions is unparalleled by the competition. This has certainly lead to success in the UK market with a huge uptake in public sector cloud projects following the introduction of an onshore Microsoft datacentre back in 2016.

Judson compared a customer’s infrastructure to that of a house, he encouraged Partners to push beyond their specialisms and strive to sell solutions that will gain them access to every room on the ground floor of the house. He emphasised that if the customer was to choose a Microsoft solution for room #1, AWS for room #2 and GCP for room #3, that makes it far more difficult to drive efficiencies and build innovative solutions on the second and third floors of the building given the complexity of the ground floor rooms.

He has observed that businesses are embarking on long-term relationships with their chosen cloud providers and that if a Microsoft Partner wishes to create excellence within these customer organisations with the latest Microsoft AI tools, for instance, they will need to win the ground floor projects first to ensure the underlying environment has the necessary potential to achieve their technical goals.

Microsoft has always recognised the importance of the UK’s contribution. However, the presence of two of Microsoft’s global executives at the UK session, both of whom had given rousing Corenote speeches in Las Vegas, demonstrates just how fantastically our teams across the country are performing.

If further evidence was needed, at the Microsoft Ready event for Microsoft employees, the UK was awarded ‘subsidiary of the year’ and the efforts of UK Partners will have been a contributing factor. FY19 is looking bright for Microsoft Partners across the UK.

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