Every company is now a technology company

Every company is now a technology company

Curo has built the UK’s most respected Microsoft community. Our permanent and freelance subject matter experts are utilised by Microsoft UK and teams transforming with Microsoft technology.

We provide a unique 3-dimensional solution to hiring IT staff; we provide technical experts and services for any Microsoft technology, any role and any length of time.

Several ways we can help you

Every company is now a technology company. To meet deadlines, reduce costs and remain competitive, you need to constantly review and renew your IT capital.

IP consultancy and scoping
New technology is arriving on a daily basis; how can it fit and benefit your IP? Our Microsoft experts and MVPs (Most Valuable Professional) can offer ad-hoc consultancy on the latest Microsoft technology, including scoping calls or meetings at the start of your journey.

Add product features
Our experts can help improve your solutions. They can integrate Microsoft products into your applications and workflow, enabling you to satisfy the demands of your customers as well as improve service levels.

Permanent or Contract staff
Whether you are looking for a Developer or Architect, Pre-sales or Support Engineer, Project or Programme Manager, we can supply the right person on a contract or permanent basis with a great cultural fit.

Build new offerings
Product development requires both the work and workers. If you can gain interest in a new offer, we can supply skills on a limited commitment, contract basis. Reducing the risk, while maintaining the opportunity.

Niche skills
Projects sometimes require skills that are difficult to find – and needed on a short-term basis. Curo has built a community of over 35,000 specialists, covering every aspect of the Microsoft stack.

IT faults can happen in the best-run organisations – the key is to find them fast. Instead of paying for a heavy-weight consultancy to do the investigation, more companies are employing our contractors on a time and materials basis. Same expertise, but at a lower cost.

Capacity and scale
Curo will enable you to scale up when demand is high, but also scale down as the need reduces.

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Click the Curo brochure for more details of our five unique benefits:

  • Pedigree – 100 years of Microsoft experience;
  • Community – 95% of vacancies are filled from our unique community;
  • Track Record – over 50 consultants working for Microsoft’s enterprise clients;
  • Process – quality candidate data; and
  • Values – servicing Microsoft UK since 2008.