New research reveals some surprising views on IT recruitment

New research reveals some surprising views on IT recruitment 27th August 2019

We surveyed over 320 UK in-house recruiters, hiring managers and CEOs in our 3rd survey of the IT recruitment landscape. The results suggest a shift away from traditional channels – hiring organisations may be trying alternatives in search of improved ROI*.

Our recruitment research shows both agencies and company websites are less effective compared to previous research in 2017 (although agencies still rank No. 1 for both permanent and contract IT jobs).

However, further inspection of the results shows that while in-house recruiters and hiring managers recognise the value of agencies, it appears that CEOs sometimes remain unconvinced (see Diagram below).

Do you agree that Recruitment Agencies are effective?

It may be time for agencies to develop a new model that meets the demands of today’s recruitment market and further demonstrate ROI to sceptical CEOs – who ultimately hold the purse strings.

Perhaps agencies should consider granting in-house recruiters’ recurring wish – according to our survey it is intelligent profiling of candidates (for the 3rd year running). However, profiling often requires confidential data from candidates, and that would necessitate compliance with GDPR** (not always easy).

This is a recurring theme. Suppliers that can provide recruiters with better profiling of candidate data will do well. Profiling not only includes analysis of a candidate’s skills but also an understanding of how they fit the company culture and team dynamic.

Social media change and job board confusion

While intelligent profiling remains top of the wish list, there are changes in social media. LinkedIn is losing some ground to new arrivals and attractive alternatives such as Twitter and YouTube. YouTube has benefited from the increased interest in using video as a hiring tool, and in-house recruiters would be wise to take note.

Although LinkedIn’s rise in social media may be slowing, it is still dominant as a job board. Along with and, the three big names grab the lion’s share of the effectiveness score according to in-house executives.

However, hiring companies should be aware that reliance on the ‘big name’ job boards may mean they are missing the hidden IT talent that only uses tech-specialist job sites. These niche websites are often used by IT recruitment agencies, which may explain why agencies are still considered very effective.

More information on the best job boards is available in our article ‘What are the most effective job boards for IT recruitment?‘.

Disagreement on the greatest IT recruitment challenge

Initially, combining the views of both in-house recruiters and hiring managers led us to believe that staff churn was the greatest challenge for organisations. But further analysis showed there was a difference of opinion between the Recruitment Department and IT Department. Just 13% of in-house recruiters said staff churn was the greatest challenge, compared to 30% of hiring managers.

More detail on IT recruitment challenges are available in our article ‘In 2017, we asked IT recruiters about their challenges. In 2019, their answers changed dramatically‘.

These and other figures illustrate the gap between hirers and recruiters (and CEOs?) on some issues. As the IT skills shortage seems set to stay for some time, alignment between these departments on the priorities should be a primary goal.

The key takeaway from this report: If you are not identifying alternatives and experimenting with new models you could fall short in the hunt for IT talent.

* ROI = Return on Investment
** GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation

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IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter's view
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