Annie Andrews joins Curo Talent as Head of Technology

Annie Andrews, CTO of Curo Services

Date: 16 July 2018
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Microsoft recruitment partner Curo Talent, has appointed Annie Andrews as Head of Technology. In a move that is believed to be a first for a UK recruitment organisation, Curo Talent will be bolstered by Annie’s technology experience and her ability to identify future technologies for Microsoft consultants.

Annie will also be a source of expertise for clients to discuss their talent needs and skills gap. She started her career in Microsoft training and consultancy, covering both programming and systems engineering. From here, she was a technical lead with many other technologies during her later positions at Lloyds Banking Group, where she held the role of Chief Subject Matter Expert. Now, Annie is returning to her mothership technology of Microsoft, as Head of Technology at Curo Talent.

The new appointment comes at a time when hiring organisations are struggling to mitigate the IT industry’s growing skills shortage. Currently, niche IT skill sets are in high demand — such as competency using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. However, organisations are struggling to identify the correct candidates because the hiring managers lack experience in the technology.

“Seeing the word Azure on someone’s CV, for example, can mean many different things on first glance,” explains Annie. “It makes sense that standard recruiters struggle to differentiate the skills of different candidates, resulting in contractors being put forward for jobs that aren’t suited to their skills. It’s important to understand the subtleties on candidates’ CVs, and that’s where I come in.”

It’s unusual for a recruitment organisation to hire a technical evangelist and Curo Talent believe they are the first. Mark Sewell, Chief Information Officer at Curo Talent commented: “We are pioneering a new way of resourcing IT talent, bringing IT experts like Annie onboard to identify the next wave of technology for candidates and providing the right talent to clients just-in-time.”

Annie Andrews supports Mark’s view “What is happening in the Curo Talent community is different from the recruitment norm. The specialists in our pool have experience in working with many of these niche skill sets and we understand exactly where their skills can be applied. That said, technology is ever-changing, and it’s my job to remain vigilant on the changing markets while communicating these trends and industry demands to our consultants. Ultimately, it’s about delivering a better understanding of what talent is out there, and which skills are in demand.”

Away from work, Annie and her husband drive a 1978 Triumph, ex-police car. They are planning on driving across ten European countries next year, an expedition of 2000 miles in just a few days. This sense of adventure will pay dividends in her new role at Curo Talent, as she investigates new technologies, trends and opportunities for the Microsoft talent pool.

Annie is attending Microsoft’s “Inspire” this month, the annual Microsoft Partner conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference will provide an insight into upcoming Microsoft trends and what this means for recruitment in the IT realm.

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For more than a decade, Curo Talent® has built the most respected Microsoft freelance community in the UK. Utilised by Microsoft UK and users of Microsoft technology, its contractors empower organisations with capacity and scale to sell or deliver more.

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