IT Talent Acquisition; the candidate's view 2019

IT Talent Acquisition; the candidate’s view (2019)


Product Description

Our 3rd annual survey shows that contractors and permanent staff behave differently. Plus, choosing job boards and the use of social media are complex issues. Attracting IT candidates is becoming fragmented.

‘IT Talent Acquisition; the candidate’s view’ includes stats on hot topics such as how social media, job boards and mobile phone Apps are rated by IT candidates. It also examines the increasing importance of work:life balance for IT staff, and what attracts permanent or contract job seekers. Our 8-page document includes 12 charts and tables plus valuable insight on subjects such as…

  • Where do candidates search for IT jobs?
  • Which job boards do IT candidates prefer?
  • What social media do IT candidates use?
  • What attracts IT candidates to a company?
  • What influences IT staff to leave?

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