Curo Space Project

On Wednesday 22 November, Curo became the first Microsoft Partner in Space by launching a Surface Book 2 into the stratosphere with a message for all UK Microsoft contractors.


We came close to aborting the mission due to high winds at the launch site (22mph). Although delayed by 30 minutes, the vehicle did take off at 9.57am.

A historic moment.

The event was captured by our camera crew and by an onboard video, producing some spectacular footage. There’s a 2-minute ‘Highlights‘ video and a longer ‘Full Story‘ where you can see the preparation, launch and crash landing.

Our message to UK Microsoft contractors in both videos is that we will go the extra mile for members of our Talent Community – even 21 miles into Space.

If you are a Microsoft freelance contractor and would like to become a member of Curo’s Talent Community, then please complete the form at the bottom of this page. We offer a fantastic range of interesting and cutting-edge contract jobs across the full Microsoft stack – many of which are exclusive to Curo.


Did the Microsoft Surface Book 2 survive the trip?

Yes!! Undamaged and in full working order.

The HabHub tracker was handy, keeping us informed of its flight path. It landed near Ely in Cambridgeshire, and as you can see from the map it narrowly avoiding two lakes.

Fun science facts: the payload reached 34,215m, it encountered temperatures as low as -58.9C, and the peak descent rate was 212mph. By the time it reached the ground, and its parachute was fully deployed, it had slowed to 8mph.

As well as the Surface Book 2, we included postcards from Microsoft contractors who are members of our Talent Community. They were given a chance to send postcards into Space with personal messages… and get them back. Each postcard came with a certificate of authenticity to prove where it had been.

For more video footage please check our YouTube channel, or search #CuroSpace.

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