Our Talent Community is made up of 38,000 Microsoft-centric experts. It continues to grow, mainly through referrals and recommendations from well-known, trusted candidates and through our sophisticated sourcing techniques.

The sourcing model we use includes the ‘Curo Services Engine’, consisting of seven elements that build from our advanced Applicant Tracking System to our proprietary Candidate Care programme.

Approximately 20% of our community is security cleared, providing expertise across the Microsoft stack and the full range of IT roles at various levels of seniority:

Talent Level




Curo Services’ inner circle – the best of the best



Successfully placed, worked at Microsoft before and MVPs



Passed Curo Services’ vetting and interview procedure



Passed first review and referred





We draw primarily from our Inner Circle when servicing clients, but also consider other talent levels depending on particular situations.

This is where Curo’s Talent Community typically fits into a client’s resourcing model:

Curo’s Talent Community

Curo offers great contract jobs and permanent roles with high profile clients using cutting-edge Microsoft technology. The right people have every chance of climbing the Talent Levels to join Curo’s ‘exclusive club’ – the 1,200 strong premium talent team and to get a slice of the action.

Our vetting procedure is not for the faint-hearted! It includes:

  • Thorough interviewing including deep technical checking and testing
  • In-depth reference checking

For those that make it, we provide a friendly, professional service dedicated to helping you find IT jobs that match your potential, your abilities, and your ambitions.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Talent Community then please complete our registration form, which takes just a few minutes, and remember to attach your latest CV.


For more information about Curo Services please check these pages: