What are the most effective job boards for IT recruitment?

What are the most effective job boards for IT recruitment? 25th June 2019

Our 3rd survey of the IT recruitment landscape suggests hiring organisations may not be using the right job boards in the hunt for IT talent. If you’re disappointed with the response to your job advertisements, read on.

We surveyed over 300 in-house recruitment executives and hiring managers to understand the recruiter’s view of the best job boards for IT vacancies. The results showed a disconnect between where recruiters fish and candidates swim.

Analysing the top 7 sites used by in-house recruiters, we could see that LinkedIn has taken another step towards dominance in technology recruitment. Now in first position, it’s jumped from second place in 2017 (see Chart A). Reed was in first position in 2017 and now lies third.

Chart A – “Which job boards give you the best IT candidates?”

Recruiter's View: Most effective job boards for IT recruitment?

The fluctuating performance of Reed and Indeed

Reed’s slip in the ranking may not be entirely due to LinkedIn’s performance.

When we surveyed recruiters in 2017, Reed was in the middle of a major TV advertising campaign which may explain their top ranking for effectiveness in that year. However, this year things are different.

At the time of our survey (December 2018), Reed was not advertising on television, which may explain the difference in results. Interestingly, they have started a new TV campaign in January 2019, so their ranking may improve.

The same logic could explain Indeed’s improved performance, as they were advertising on television at the time of our survey. Our advice to in-house recruiters is to monitor the marketing media for advanced notice of TV or other campaigns from the big job boards.

The rise of LinkedIn and some missing job boards

Without any TV advertising in the UK (commercials are broadcast in the USA) LinkedIn had over 9m visitors in February 2019, just behind Indeed with 10m visitors. LinkedIn’s mix of social media and job board encourages people to visit the site in large numbers – and single-service job sites struggle to compete.

As highlighted in our previous reports, there is a noticeable lack of IT specialist job boards in Chart A (e.g. JobServe, Dice, etc). However, in-house recruiters are often looking for candidates to fill vacancies across a range of departments (sales, production, finance, etc.), so it makes sense to use generalist job boards if you have a broad requirement.

Only technology firms and specialist IT recruitment agencies can justify the cost of tech-specific job boards. This may be why agencies are the most effective channel for IT talent acquisition as they have access to candidates not available on generalist job sites.

Are in-house recruiters and candidates aligned?

Each year we produce two reports on IT Talent Acquisition; one looks at the recruiter’s view, but the other examines the candidate’s view. The results from the candidate’s view show that both contract and permanent IT staff shun the generalist job boards (Reed, Indeed, etc.), in favour of tech specialist sites (JobServe, Dice, CWjobs, etc.)

You can download IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter’s view now, and its sister publication with the candidate’s view will be available on this website in July 2019.

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IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter's view
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