The Curo vision is to create an environment that promotes a sense of community.

By building trusted, long-term relationships with our people, we can deliver the best possible experiences to both our clients and those in our talent network.

Offer assignments that match your skills, requirements and capabilities while also providing the challenges you seek.

Support you in staying up to date with the latest technologies.

Treat you with respect, act professionally and with integrity at all times.

Recognise and reward those that go
the extra mile.

Keep you up to date on the progress of
role submissions.

Properly qualify roles with you before submission to our clients.

Keep in touch once on the client’s site and to be supportive and accessible.

Additionally, contractors working on freelance projects can expect:

Payment in a timely fashion. On average, we pay contractors within 16 days of invoice submission*.

Transparency over the rates we charge and to ensure you receive a fair payment.

Clarity in our contractual relationship with you.

Many of our candidates appreciate our service to the extent that they come back as clients. They want to ensure their future staff are of the right calibre and have been handled in the same professional manner.

* Analysis of payments Oct-Dec 2018. 61% of contractor invoices paid within 14 days or less, and 16% paid in 5 days or less

Curo’s story began with technology

We truly understand how your technology business works, and as such, we have developed a solid reputation for excellence with those we serve (both our partner clients and vast community of Microsoft technical professionals). 

Our knowledge and experience of providing bespoke services and working with people mean we have often gone further to achieve the right result. With a culture based firmly on our core values, integrity, care and respect, Curo delivers trusted, experienced and unrivalled support for your business.  

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