Curo was born in IT services, and truly understands how your technology business works. 

As such, we have developed a solid reputation for excellence with those we serve (both our partner clients and vast community of Microsoft technical professionals). Our team has specialist technical knowledge, and all of Curo’s board have come originally from technical backgrounds.

Our knowledge and experience of providing bespoke services and working with people mean we have often gone further to achieve the right result. With a culture based firmly on our core values, integrity, care and respect, Curo delivers trusted, experienced and unrivalled support for your business.  

Curo’s heritage can be traced to 1993, towards the end of Microsoft’s collaboration with IBM when they jointly developed OS/2. As “Classic” Visual Basic surged in popularity in the enterprise world, and Windows 3.x took hold, Curo’s founders Mark Sewell and Karen Field co-ran the boutique IT Services Business “The Mandelbrot Set” (TMS), which developed a world-renowned reputation within the Microsoft ecosystem.

TMS attracted some of the very best Microsoft development talent in the UK, writing products and toolkits, authoring advanced technical books for Microsoft Press, and providing technical consulting services to UK Enterprises. In 2001 TMS was sold, and Mark and Karen continued in senior management roles working for large Microsoft gold partners.

They reunited in 2006 to found Curo, pioneering a cloud-based home remote working model. Curo has never had a hub or office. Integrity, care and respect were identified as the three key components of Curo’s culture, and we have since incorporated these values into every aspect of our business.

In 2008, Curo became a Microsoft Partner, and since 2014 Curo has been the key staff augmentation partner for Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) in the UK.

How we work

Curo’s remote working model has seen us build a close-knit team with a friendly, trusting culture. Looking in on our face-to-face meetings you would think we worked side-by-side every day. We make good use of Microsoft Teams for daily work connections as well as fun virtual activities.

We value the team we work with, and every year, on the day an employee joined the business, they are given an extra day off. This is under the condition that they use it to do something special – something they never have time for usually. We love hearing what people do with their time.

Curo is incentivised together as a team. We all work towards the same goals, with the same values, and share in any rewards. This drives a strongly collaborative attitude across the business, which follows through to how we like to work with our clients. Curo’s values of integrity, care and respect are core to everything that we do.

Looking to the future

In the past few years, Curo has seen the team grow and some changes in the senior leadership team. We’re building the foundation for significant new services for scaling into the future. In 2020 the board was joined by Annie Andrews as CTO, who joined from a Chief Engineer role with a FTSE 100 company.

Mandelbrot coordinates:

  • Minimum Real Value -1.6615092990946434
  • Maximum Real Value: -1.6615092933503033
  • Maximum Imaginary Value: 0.000000052988365
  • Minimum Imaginary Value: 0.0000000486801099
  • Scale: 557070078.74:1