Information security has been thrust into the headlines in recent years and is now seen as an essential spend for pragmatic business leaders everywhere. With an exponential increase in cyber-attacks and exploitation of security weaknesses becoming more frequent globally, it has never been more important to ensure your systems and data are protected.

Curo has established a Cloud Security Practice utilising select security experts from our community of trusted technology partners and professionals, in order to deliver best practice Microsoft cloud security project services for our customers. Whether you have a mature security posture, are looking to close some gaps, improve performance, are concerned that your business is exposed, have poor identity and access management, or other security concerns, Curo can provide expert consultancy and end-to-end project delivery in order to help achieve your goals. Contact us for a quotation.


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Baseline Security Review

When you move services into the cloud, your identity becomes an increasing target. Microsoft 365 offers advanced services, some of which utilise AI and machine learning, to help reduce the risk of a breach. These can be enabled on any tenant, but it is important to fully understand your current security posture before implementing these services.

Curo’s Baseline Security Review is a short, low commitment engagement during which we will analyse your current level of security to identify any weaknesses in the environment. You will then be provided with a comprehensive report detailing the current security posture of your environment as well as information relating to your identity and device configuration. The report outlines recommendations to enable the establishment of a security baseline at a level that is appropriate for your business going forward.

Reasons to Book a Baseline Security Review

It is a short, low commitment engagement.

You will understand precisely where you are with cloud security and how to make it better.

There is no need to provide administrative rights to your environment (an account with the global reader role is sufficient).

This is a one-off review. The report can be given to an internal team or another 3rd party supplier as a guide for future security projects, if you would prefer not to use Curo.

The review covers the following key areas:

  • Azure Active Directory.
  • Single Sign-On.
  • Email Security.
  • Conditional Access.
  • Azure.
  • Active Directory.
  • Microsoft Intune and Windows Autopilot.
  • License configuration.

Looking for a new SIEM solution?

Ask us about our Azure Sentinel Starter Kit service. This engagement will get you set up and provide a framework for the ongoing management of Microsoft Sentinel. Contact us for a quotation.