As a client, you will witness our integrity as we become your fair trade partner. We pride ourselves on open and honest interactions. We have an open book approach, with commercial transparency for both clients and our talent community.

We will only forward potential staff that are right for your project… and only a few of them, typically 2 or 3 for you to consider. We vet every member of our talent community thoroughly; very thoroughly.

As a freelance expert you can be confident our stringent vetting ensures the project matches your skills. You can also be confident you will be paid in a timely fashion.


Curo is proud of its reputation and cares about the outcome and success of projects. This is demonstrated by the regular calls our clients get from our Client Services Team during the life of a programme.

We ensure the relationship continues to work for all parties, and at the end of a project, we work hard to source new freelance work for our talent community so there are minimal gaps between contracts.


How do we show respect? By treating our clients, talent community and suppliers the way we would like to be treated. We appreciate the partnership between our clients and Curo, never taking it for granted.

For our talent community, we respect their expertise. For those that make it through our vetting procedure, we provide a friendly, professional service dedicated to helping you find the position that matches your robust skills.