Candidate Referral Scheme

Curo Resourcing Limited

Terms & Conditions

* This Scheme applies to permanent placements only.

1. The maximum reward payable for each referred candidate is £500.  Payments will only be paid on the initial placement – further placements are excluded.

2. Referrals must be a personal contact of yours who has agreed to your recommendation and the sharing of their personal/contact details.  It is important that all referrals have given their consent before being recommended to us.

3. The candidate must be eligible to work in the UK.

4. There is no limit to the number of candidates you refer.

5. Curo will pay a reward for referrals that lead directly to employment within 6 months of the referral. For example, if a candidate that has been referred more than 6 months previously and then applies to a recent advertisement or is directly contacted by Curo in respect of a position and by virtue of such gains employment then a reward is not payable.

6. Candidates must not already be in contact with Curo or active on our database.

a. To avoid any doubt when a candidate is referred Curo will immediately inform the referrer whether the candidate is already active on the database.

b. Being active on the database means that Curo have spoken to them within the last 3 months in relation to finding them work.

c. If the referred candidate is active then no referral fee will be paid.

d. If the referred candidate is either unknown, or known to Curo but not active on our database, then a referral reward is payable.

7. The referred candidate who is successfully placed must complete the employer’s stipulated probationary period to qualify for the reward:

a. Upon successful placement you will be advised that the referred candidate has been placed in a role as a result of your referral. You will be advised of any probationary or rebate details.

b. On completion of the probationary period you will be asked to present an invoice for £200.

c. On completion of the final rebate period you will be asked to present an invoice for the remaining £300.

d. Payment will be made at the end of the month for which the qualifying period applies.

8. If the candidate is introduced by more than one person, we will operate a first-come, first-served policy.

9. The Curo Referral Form must be completed as soon as possible in order to guarantee that the reward is allocated to you personally.

10. The recipient of the referral reward will be responsible for their own tax and national insurance liability.

Legal Disclaimer

This scheme may be terminated at any time by Curo with no liability for any future payments.

Curo reserves the right to alter the Terms & Conditions at any point or terminate the Referral Scheme. In the event of any dispute, Curo’s decision is final.