13 June 2022

After more than a decade providing the Microsoft IT Services industry with top-end talent and consulting services, Curo is now delivering end-to-end Microsoft cloud project services for our customers.

Having built a trusted community of Microsoft professionals in the UK, we are excited to utilise some of the best people in the industry to deliver reliable outcomes and solutions.

We have created technology practices covering Azure Transformation, Modern Workplace, Power Platform and Cloud Security with expert technologists leading each. While we encourage customers to discuss their needs in all of these areas with us, here are some specific offerings which may deliver value for your organisation right away:

Azure Landing Zone Toolkit

New to Azure? Curo offers a robust Azure Landing Zone engagement to get you started with Microsoft’s flagship cloud platform. This is a purpose-built service which delivers best-practice design, implementation, security and management of Azure cloud fundamentals for your business: https://www.curoservices.com/projects/azure/

Endpoint Management Assessment

One of our key offerings in Modern Workplace is our Endpoint Management Assessment. Whether you are new to endpoint management and mobility or are looking to get more from your technology in this area, Curo would recommend starting with this assessment: https://www.curoservices.com/projects/modernworkplace/

Baseline Security Assessment

When you move services into the cloud, your identity becomes an increasing target. Microsoft 365 offers advanced services, some of which utilise AI and machine learning, to help reduce the risk of a breach. These can be enabled on any tenant, but it is important to fully understand your current security posture before implementing these services. Curo’s Baseline Security Assessment is a low commitment engagement during which we will analyse your current level of security to identify any weaknesses in the environment, providing a comprehensive report detailing the current security posture and recommendations for improvement: https://www.curoservices.com/projects/security/

Whether you are at the beginning of a cloud transformation or have a mature environment requiring optimisation, Curo can deliver projects to solve problems and enable your organisation to achieve its goals. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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